Below is a list to help keep your Amdega Conservatory looking good and maintenance free throughout the year.

Door Furniture: (Handles)

  • Remove door handles and lubricate WD40, Spray liberally inside and out around the handles operating the handles while in the hands, the handles will start to feel easier in operation as this is done, if the operation still feels stiff then add further lubricant as above until the operation is easy on the hands, There will be some "Black muck" or rusty debris appearing dependant on how much lubricant has been applied to do this operation but this is normal after do this wipe out the inside with a clean tissue or cloth and do the same with the other handle or Handles. Squirt a bit of WD40 into the lock openings. Refit the door handles and check the ease of operation of your now lubricated handles.

Materials Required: 1 Tin WD40 Lubricant, 1 x Newspaper, 1 x Cleaning Cloth 

Door Barrel Bolts

  • Apply WD40 to the Door barrel Bolt while the bolt is in the closed position (Bolt flush with the housing) then squirt some lubricant into the top of the Barrel bolt then operate the barrel bolt up and down approximately 20-30 times and you should start to see some black rusty liquid appearing out of the bottom of the bolt, when this starts to happen wipe the door with a clean cloth and apply further lubricant and do the same as above, this time when the bolt is moved into the closed position you should hear a slight click as the bolt is fully raised or lowered into its closed position dependent on the position of the door bolt (top or bottom of door) this click is the little ball bearing seating into place within the Shaft and the Barrel bolt casing. Wipe the door after to remove any further dirty residue from this procedure.

Materials Required: 1 Tin WD40 Lubricant, 1 x Newspaper, 1 x Cleaning Cloth 

Exitex Door Threshold Strip & Seals

Amdega Conservatory RepairsOpen the Door or Doors and there will be several small water drain holes pre-drilled in the external face of the door Threshold strip these should be cleared out with a hair pin or something small approx. 3-4mm thick then hoover out all debris from the troughed area between the black seals then wipe the black seals with a damp cloth removing all algae and build-up of rubbish then apply a coat of WD40 spray onto a dry cloth and apply this onto the now clean seals or alternatively apply a coat of Silicon Spray (heres a link to this item). Then using a damp cloth with the doors still open wipe the bottoms of the doors removing all residue and dirt that causes the seals to deteriorate and perish. While the doors are in the open position wipe around the rebates and the staff bead seals with hot soapy water taking care to get the debris out of the seal in the staff beads.  After this spray all of the hinges with WD40 and operate the door/s 10-20 times till the operation becomes nice and easy, once each door is completed wipe over with a clean cloth and spray with a bit of Silicon Spray.  ( caution be sure to make sure the doors are hooked back on the cabin hooks at all times to elieviate any damage to your doors and to yourself).

Materials Required: 1 Tin WD40 Lubricant, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, Hot Soapy Water, 1 x Silicon Spray