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The scope of service we offer is extensive. In the pursuit of quality and excellence in our work, many skill sets are required.  While other companies may bring in many different sub-contractors to carry-out individual tasks, quality control and respect for a Client’s home and property can quickly get out of control.  We are so committed to Quality and professionalism that we NEVER hire sub-contractors to represent us, do our work, communicate with our clients or provide the personalized service that sets us apart. Whether we are doing basic maintenance like cleaning gutters, replacing failed or broken glass, fixing a leak, fitting new shades or a full conservatory restoration, you can be assured we are experienced in all areas. I guarantee our work will exceed your expectations.


Keeping your conservatory clean is a very important part of maintaining and ensuring its longevity.  We are not a glass cleaning company.  When we clean a conservatory, we clean all components from top to bottom, inside and out.  This allows us to check for leaks and any other areas of concern so we may make suggestions for repairs before they become a problem.


After many years of detecting and repairing leaks in conservatory roofs we can say with confidence that we will always find the solution to repair a leak, often where others have failed. We do not believe in a quick fix, but will find the root of the problem and explain the work and cost required to make the necessary repairs.


From replacing failed or broken glass to carefully dissecting rotten wood there is no limit to the custom replacements we can make to bring renewed life back to your original investment.


Many older conservatories had first generation insulated glass and the seals failed after a few years causing condensation between the glass. We offer a wide range of energy saving glass replacements and upgrades.   Low E Argon filled tempered insulated is now a glass industry standard, with different levels of solar control available.  
With increased energy costs many of our clients with older conservatories have asked us to upgrade all the glass in their conservatories.


Very often we have calls to come and fix leaks in conservatory roofs. Upon closer inspection we find that water is getting in through flashing above and behind the conservatory roof, travelling down inside the house wall and eventually escaping down the inside framing of the conservatory roof. Replacing flashing and waterproofing valleys are our specialities.


We offer a full painting service.  As part of the recommend maintenance the conservatory exterior timber framing should be repainted every 4-5 years or less. Proper preparation and paint products are essential to ensuring a perfect finish that will also help to preserve the Conservatory.

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