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Amdega Conservatory Repairs

         A recent 2020 Summer restoration to this roof area including new roof Glass and glazing caps including all-new tapes and sealants including stainless fixings throughout, the existing low maintenance aluminum capping system supplied by Amdega was completely removed as this was poorly installed and was causing severe underlying sweating and lots of rotting to hidden areas of the internal roof areas, the Low-maintenance was replaced with New upgraded Primed and Painted Cedar cover Latts and associated seals, The roof Ridge was also completely replaced for the same reason as this had nearly rotted away completely in some places, The 4 roof opening vents were completely rebuilt where applicable and primed and painted with 4 coats of paint before any glass being fitted within the apertures. While this renovation was done this year amidst the Covid disruptions and not very helpful Glass suppliers by any means waiting for glass and when it came it came incorrect or the wrong size on several occasions, I managed to get other works undertaken on the exterior and Interior this including the sanding back in detail both areas of this beautiful construction. This was an exceptional renovation to undertake and took a complete summer to get to a watertight conservatory. Albeit the construction is complete it still must be completely decorated inside and out.

More images to follow the 1st stage of the renovation

Cause of Problems:

  1. Poor Fitters and Fitting
  2. Poor Decorators


  • Replacing Rotten Timber/s
  • Leaking Gutters
  • Leaking Leadwork
  • Poor Fitting L/m Roof
  • Leaking Valleys
  • Leaking Roof
  • Leaking Side Frames
  • Rotten Roof Vents
  • Incorrectly built Gables
  • Poorly Fitting Side Sashes

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